1: 1. Ancient Egyptians exchanged love tokens, like heart-shaped coins, as symbols of everlasting affection and passion.

2: 2. Ancient Greece witnessed romantic tales, where silver drachma coins were often exchanged between lovers to seal eternal commitment.

3: 3. In medieval Europe, lovebirds exchanged golden florins, representing enduring love stories that transcended time and boundaries.

4: 4. The Renaissance period celebrated love through intricately engraved Ducats, striking a chord with great historical romances.

5: 5. During the Victorian era, couples expressed their undying love with sovereigns, engraved with delicate imagery of lovebirds.

6: 6. The elegant French francs of the 18th century were tokens of devotion used by aristocrats in historical love affairs.

7: 7. In Japan's Edo period, couples gifted each other Koban coins, symbolizing deep affection and an unbreakable bond.

8: 8. In India's Mughal reign, couples exchanged beautiful Mohurs, reflecting the grandeur and passion of their historical love stories.

9: 9. The Byzantine Empire witnessed the exchange of scyphate trachea coins, representing profound love stories that are immortalized in history.