1: "The Most Expensive Coin" Discover the worth of the most valuable coin ever, its intriguing history, and how it became a target for theft.

2: "Stolen Coin: The 1933 Double Eagle" Unravel the captivating tale of the stolen 1933 Double Eagle coin, its daring heist, and its current whereabouts, if known.

3: "The Great Coin Heist: The French Mint Robbery" Learn about the audacious theft at the French Mint, where a precious coin collection disappeared, leaving investigators baffled.

4: "Lost to Time: The Ancient Cistophorus Collection" Delve into the mystery surrounding the ancient Cistophorus coin collection, stolen and believed to be scattered across the globe.

5: "The Vanishing Dollar: The Coin Museum Robbery" Uncover the baffling case of the Coin Museum robbery, where a rare and priceless dollar coin went missing under puzzling circumstances.

6: "The Pirate's Treasure: The Stolen Pieces of Eight" Embark on a journey to discover the fate of stolen pirate treasure, ancient Spanish "Pieces of Eight" coins, and their hidden locations.

7: "The Secret Vault: The Missing Numismatic Gems" Explore the enigmatic tale of a vault filled with rare numismatic gems, disappearing overnight, and becoming elusive treasures.

8: "Unmasking the Thief: Famous Coin Theft Investigations" Dive into the world of high-stakes coin theft investigations, exposing the cunning thieves and the relentless pursuit for justice.