1: 1. Research: Prioritize researching the coins you're interested in to ensure you know their market value and characteristics.

2: 2. Be Prepared: Bring cash, a small magnifier, and a reference book that can assist in determining a coin's worth.

3: 3. Show Interest: Engage with dealers, ask questions, and demonstrate your passion for coin collecting.

4: 4. Stay Polite: Maintain a friendly and respectful attitude when negotiating prices with dealers. Remember, they have expenses too.

5: 5. Patience Pays Off: Don't rush into buying. Shop around, compare prices, and take your time to find the best deals.

6: 6. Bundle Offers: Consider purchasing multiple coins from the same dealer. This might give you leverage for reduced prices.

7: 7. Offer Cash: Cash payments can sometimes yield additional discounts as it eliminates transaction fees for the dealer.

8: 8. Timing Matters: Towards the end of a coin show, dealers may become more willing to negotiate on prices, so plan accordingly.

9: 9. Stay Realistic: While negotiating, be aware of fair market values and don't expect unrealistic discounts. Both parties need to benefit.