1: 1. Gold Coin of Alexander the Great Unearthed in Egypt, this coin provided vital clues about the Greek ruler's conquests and influence in the ancient world.

2: 2. The Lydian Lion Discovered in Turkey, this coin shed light on the creation of coinage and the ancient Lydian civilization.

3: 3. The Silver Shekels of the Jews Uncovered in Jerusalem, these coins affirmed historical accounts of Jewish independence during the First Jewish Revolt.

4: 4. The Atocha Silver Coin Recovered from a sunken Spanish ship, this coin revealed the incredible wealth and trade routes of the Spanish Empire.

5: 5. The Cuerdale Hoard Found in England, this Viking treasure trove unveiled insights into the raids and commerce of the Viking Age.

6: 6. The Brutus Denarius Discovered in Rome, this coin featured the image of Julius Caesar's assassin, marking a significant moment in Roman history.

7: 7. The Menander Gold Stater Unearthed in India, this coin provided evidence of an ancient Greek kingdom's influence on the region.

8: 8. The Saddle Ridge Hoard Found in California, this collection of gold coins exposed the existence of a long-forgotten Gold Rush-era hoard.