1: 1. Nadia Comaneci's Perfect 10 - In 1976, the Romanian gymnast astounded the world by earning the very first perfect score in Olympic gymnastics history.

2: 2. Kerri Strug's Courageous Vault - During the 1996 Atlanta Games, Strug, with an injured ankle, landed a flawless vault, securing gold for Team USA.

3: 3. Simone Biles' Unmatched Dominance - Biles, the most decorated gymnast ever, shattered records with her mind-boggling skills and gravity-defying routines.

4: 4. Liu Xuan's Historic Triumph - China's Liu Xuan became the country's first-ever female gymnast to win an Olympic all-around gold in 2000.

5: 5. Mary Lou Retton's Inspiring Triumph - Retton, battling injuries at the 1984 Olympics, secured the individual all-around gold, becoming the first American to do so.

6: 6. Olga Korbut's Revolutionizing Artistry - Korbut's innovative moves and charismatic flair captivated the world and transformed gymnastics forever in the 1972 Games.

7: 7. McKayla Maroney's "Not Impressed" Legacy - Maroney's iconic "unimpressed" facial expression after an almost perfect vault in 2012 turned into a legendary internet meme.

8: 8. Kohei Uchimura's Unprecedented Dominance - Uchimura, Japan's gymnastic prodigy, captured seven consecutive world all-around titles, showcasing unrivaled talent.

9: 9. The Magnificent Seven's Historic Team Triumph - The United States women's gymnastics team, led by Shannon Miller, Dominique Dawes, and Kerri Strug, won gold in 1996, marking the first-ever team Olympic victory for the U.S.