7 Abandoned Churches And Synagogues That Are Chilling Yet Beautiful

There are 7 abandoned churches and synagogues

St georges church is located in the czech republic

Beelitzheilstätten hospital chapel germany nestled within the sprawling beelitzheilstätten hospital complex in germany this abandoned chapel boasts striking stained glass windows and decaying grandeur

There is a sanctuary of mercy in spain that features altars and religious art

The bannerman castle chapel is located on pollepel island in the hudson river

The bodie methodist church is located in a wellpreserved ghost town in california

Temple Of Leah Philippines: The Temple Of Leah Built As A Symbol Of Love And Devotion Lies Abandoned Amidst Grandiose Roman-Inspired Architecture

New Synagogue Poland: The New Synagogue In Poland Stands As A Testament To Resilience And Remembrance Surviving Years Of Turmoil.

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