1: Get a toned midsection while juggling a hectic schedule. Discover the best ab workout for busy girls in just 35 words!

2: Sculpt your core with time-efficient exercises designed for busy girls. Achieve killer abs by incorporating planks, mountain climbers, and bicycle crunches into your routine.

3: No time for long ab workouts? No problem! Try the 35-word best ab routine for busy girls: dead bugs, Russian twists, and reverse crunches. Get results in no time!

4: Busy girls can still achieve a strong core with these impactful ab exercises in just 35 words: flutter kicks, standing side crunches, and leg raises. Prioritize yourself and crush those abs!

5: Discover three effective ab exercises for busy girls, each explained in 35 words: toe touches, seated Russian twists, and elbow plank holds. Make time for fitness, even with a packed schedule!

6: Want a quick ab workout without sacrificing results? Try this 35-word routine: hollow holds, scissor kicks, and side plank dips. Busy girls can fit in fitness!

7: Looking for an ab workout that suits your busy lifestyle? Try these three exercises in only 35 words: kneeling rope crunches, stability ball pikes, and oblique V-ups. Define those abs today!

8: Craving a flat tummy in less time? This 35-word best ab workout for busy girls has you covered: sit-ups, reverse crunches, and plank jacks. Prioritize yourself and achieve killer abs!

9: Short on time but still want a killer ab routine? Crush it with these three exercises in just 35 words: weighted Russian twists, hanging knee raises, and stability ball rollouts. Busy girls can have strong abs too!