7 Traditional American Recipes That Foreigners Can'T Handle

Foreigners cant handle 7 traditional american recipes

Foreigners are often left in shock at the idea of deep fried butter

Biscuits And Gravy : This Southern Favorite Combines Fluffy Biscuits With A Creamy Sausage-Laden Gravy. The Combination Of Savory And Flaky Isn'T For The Faint Of Heart.

Chitlins: Pig Intestines Are A Staple In Some Southern American Cuisines. The Unique Texture And Flavor Make It A Challenge For Many Foreign Palates.

Rocky Mountain Oysters : Despite The Name These "Oysters" Are Actually Fried Bull Testicles. A Daring Dish That Leaves Many Foreigners Wide-Eyed.

Grits: A Creamy Dish Made From Ground Corn Often Served With Butter And Cheese. The Texture And Taste Can Be Perplexing To Those Unaccustomed To It.

Foreigners often struggle with the combination of ingredients

This casserolelike dish is a midwestern favorite

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