8 Best Dog Breeds For Families To Adopt

There are 8 best dog breeds for families to adopt

One of the most popular family dogs is the labrador retriever

Golden retrievers are known for their intelligence and love for children

Small and friendly dogs the beagles are easy to groom and good with kids

They dont need a lot of exercise and are great for families in smaller living spaces

Boxers are funloving and protective

Collie: Collies Are Highly Intelligent And Make Excellent Family Pets. They'Re Known For Their Herding Instincts Which Means They Are Often Protective Of Children.

Poodle: Poodles Come In Various Sizes (Standard Miniature And Toy) And Are Known For Their Intelligence And Hypoallergenic Coats. They Are Great For Families With Allergies.

Australian Shepherd: These Dogs Are Intelligent And Highly Active Making Them A Good Match For Active Families.