1: 1. The Hope Diamond: A rare blue diamond, stolen and recut throughout history. 2. The Brasher Doubloon: Famous gold coin, only a few in existence, stolen in 1840s. 3. The Double Eagle: Priceless U.S. gold coin, stolen and secretly sold for millions.

2: 4. The 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle: Rare gold coin, stolen from the U.S. Mint. 5. The Ducat: Medieval gold coin, stolen from museums, worth a fortune today. 6. The Big Maple Leaf: Giant gold coin, stolen from a German museum in 2017.

3: 7. The Spanish Peseta: Iconic currency, stolen during Spain's Civil War era. 8. The Brunei Cent: Incredibly rare, gold coin stolen from a royal palace in Brunei. 9. The Breton Hoard: Ancient treasure, including coins, stolen from a museum.

4: 10. The Flowing Hair Dollar: Rare U.S. coin, stolen and sold for hundreds of thousands. 11. The Edward III Florin: Medieval coin, stolen and found after 600 years. 12. The Gold Certificates: Stolen U.S. currency, traced back to notorious thieves.

5: 13. The Tenerife Gold Coins: Historic coins, stolen from a shipwreck in the 1600s. 14. The Golden Stater of Croesus: Ancient Greek coin, stolen and recovered multiple times. 15. The Red Mercury Penny: One of a kind mint error coin, stolen by a museum employee.

6: 16. The Silver Dollars of King George III: Rare British coins, stolen and melted down. 17. The Ten Dollar Eagle: Gold coin, stolen in a notorious U.S. Mint heist in 1903. 18. The Gold Nobel: Precious coin, stolen and still missing from a museum in Sweden.

7: 19. The Double Leopard: Medieval gold coin, stolen and smuggled out of Romania. 20. The SS Gairsoppa Silver: Sunken treasure, including coins, recovered from a shipwreck. 21. The Crown Jewels of England: Historic coins, stolen but recovered by the authorities.

8: 22. The Liberty Head Nickel: Rare U.S. coin, stolen and resurfaced decades later. 23. The Seated Liberty Dollar: Stolen coins, discovered in a hidden basement vault. 24. The Olympic Five Dollar Gold Coin: Valuable commemorative coin, stolen from a collector.

9: 25. The Crimean War Medal: Rare military honor, stolen from a museum but later found. 26. The 1943 Copper Penny: Rare cent, stolen and later recovered, worth millions today. 27. The Gold Sovereign: Historically important coin, stolen but eventually returned.