1: Harvey Specter: The sharp-witted lawyer that fans can't get enough of. His return in a spinoff show is a must!

2: Mike Ross: The brilliant fraud turned legal genius who proved himself at Pearson Specter Litt. We want to see more of him!

3: Donna Paulsen: The confident and capable executive who deserves her own spotlight. Her return would be stunning.

4: Jessica Pearson: The fearless powerhouse who knows how to navigate the legal world. A spinoff featuring her would be captivating.

5: Rachel Zane: The determined paralegal turned attorney with a heart of gold. Fans are eager to witness her next chapter.

6: Louis Litt: The eccentric but incredibly talented lawyer who always adds a touch of humor. We can't wait to see his comeback.

7: Katrina Bennett: The ambitious and resilient attorney who deserves more screen time. Her return in a spinoff would be electrifying.

8: Alex Williams: The resourceful and loyal lawyer who adds an extra layer of intrigue. We need to see more of his character.

9: Samantha Wheeler: The fiercely independent lawyer who proved herself time and again. Fans are eager to see her shine in a spinoff.