8 Thankfully Extinct Animals

Thankfully extinct animals

The dodo bird became extinct in the late 17th century

Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) : The Thylacine A Marsupial Carnivore Was Driven To Extinction In The Early 20Th Century Due To Habitat Loss And Hunting.

Steller'S Sea Cow : These Large Marine Mammals Once Found In The Bering Sea Went Extinct In The 18Th Century Due To Overhunting By Sailors And Explorers.

Great Auk : Great Auks Large Flightless Birds Were Heavily Hunted For Their Feathers And Became Extinct In The Mid-19Th Century.

Carolina Parakeet : The Carolina Parakeet The Only Parrot Species Native To The Eastern United States Was Declared Extinct In 1939 Due To Habitat Destruction And Hunting.

Passenger Pigeon : The Passenger Pigeon Once One Of The Most Numerous Bird Species In North America Was Hunted To Extinction In The Early 20Th Century.

Due to overhunting the quagga became extinct in the late 19th century

The aurochs were extinct in the early 17th century due to hunting and habitat loss