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2: Unearth the beauty of the 1969-S Lincoln Cent. This coveted coin found amongst pocket change can fetch up to $35,000. Don't overlook it - it could be your lucky find!

3: Explore the realm of coin collecting with the 1943 Copper Penny. Struck in steel due to the war, an accidental few with copper plating made it into circulation. Score one, and you've got a fortune!

4: Marveled as a collector's dream, the 1982 No Mint Mark Roosevelt Dime carries immense value. These missing-mint mark coins can be worth over $30,000. Keep an eye out for this hidden treasure!

5: Journey into history with the Egyptian King Farouk Silver Pound. Minted in 1933, its rarity and historical significance make it one of the most valuable foreign coins to have in your collection.

6: Get ready for a surprise with the 1995 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent. This error coin stands out due to its doubled design elements, potentially fetching you up to $25,000. Check your pockets now!

7: Experience the allure of the 1942-1945 Jefferson Silver Wartime Nickel. Composed of silver during WWII, these rare gems hold substantial worth for avid collectors. Seek them out among your loose change!

8: Delve into the realm of Spanish colonial heritage with the 1776-1825 Mexican 8 Reales Silver Coin. Its connection to pirate lore adds to its appeal, with prices ranging from $50 to over $10,000!

9: Uncover hidden treasures from the land down under with the 1966 "Wavy 20 Cent" Australian Coin. An error variation displaying a wavy baseline on the number 2, this coin can fetch up to $5,000. Start exploring your change today!