Common Cat Myths Are Actually False

The common cat myths are not true

Cats dont always land on their feet in the offwhite section

Cats have one life just like any other living creature

Cats can drink milk if they are lactose insensitive but its best to provide fresh water as their primary source of hydration

Cats can be independent but they are not purely solitary animals

Off-White Section Separator Cats Always Purr When They'Re Happy : While Purring Is Often Associated With Contentment Cats May Also Purr When They'Re In Pain Anxious Or Unwell. Purring Serves Various Purposes Including Self-Soothing.

Off-White Section Separator Cats Can'T Be Trained : Cats Are Trainable But They Have Different Training Methods Compared To Dogs. They Can Learn Commands Use A Litter Box And Even Perform Tricks With The Right Training

Off-White Section Separator Cats Are Low-Maintenance Pets : While Cats Are Generally More Independent Than Dogs They Still Require Care Attention And Regular Veterinary Visits. They Need A Clean Litter Box Nutritious Food

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