1: David Long Jr, a talented defensive back, joins the Packers. He's eager to make Green Bay his home.

2: Committed to the Packers, David Long Jr strives for success in Green Bay as a defensive back.

3: Meet David Long Jr, the newest addition to the Packers' secondary. He's ready to settle in Green Bay.

4: Green Bay welcomes David Long Jr, a promising defensive back, who aspires to find stability with the Packers.

5: As David Long Jr dons the Packers' jersey, he looks forward to establishing roots in Green Bay.

6: Green Bay is excited to embrace David Long Jr, the Packers' newest defensive back.

7: David Long Jr brings his skills to Green Bay, aiming to make a lasting impact as a Packers' defensive back.

8: With high ambitions, David Long Jr chooses Green Bay as his new home with the Packers.

9: Green Bay hopes David Long Jr will become an essential part of their defense, solidifying his place in the team.