2: Olivia's favorite study spot on campus is the cozy library corner. Join her as she shares her top tips for creating a peaceful and productive study environment, including essential supplies and ambient music suggestions.

3: As a student-athlete, Olivia knows the importance of time management. Learn her secrets for balancing academics, gymnastics training, and social life while maintaining a positive mindset and achieving academic excellence.

4: In this captivating web story, Olivia guides you through her pre-exam rituals, including morning routines, relaxation techniques, and visualization exercises. Take notes on these strategies and ace your finals with confidence.

5: Discover Olivia's efficient note-taking system and organizational methods that have helped her excel academically. From color-coding to utilizing digital tools, implement these practices to enhance your own study habits.

6: Join Olivia in exploring LSU's campus landmarks and hidden gems, where she likes to take breaks and unwind during finals week. From serene gardens to lively cafes, find your own peaceful oasis amidst the hustle and bustle.

7: Let Olivia's recommended brain-boosting foods and beverages revitalize your study sessions. From energizing smoothie recipes to brain-healthy snacks, fuel yourself with the nutrients needed for improved focus and cognition.

8: In this interactive web story, Olivia shares her tried-and-true test-taking strategies, ensuring you're ready to tackle any exam question that comes your way. Learn to manage time effectively and approach different question types with confidence.

9: Olivia's relaxation techniques play a crucial role in combatting finals week stress. Discover her go-to methods, from mindfulness exercises to gentle yoga poses, to maintain mental well-being and cultivate a sense of calm amidst the storm. Immerse yourself in Olivia Dunne's journey through finals week and glean valuable insights to optimize your own academic performance and well-being. Stay tuned for this web story series that will guide you towards a successful finals week experience.