1: Olivia Dunne's Safety Measures After last season's incident, Olivia Dunne shares how she now travels with a security guard, prioritizing her safety.

2: Facing the Crowd Incident Olivia Dunne opens up about the challenging experience she faced during the "Following the crowd" incident.

3: Safety First: New Precautions To ensure her well-being, Olivia Dunne takes extra precautions by hiring a security guard during her travels.

4: Protecting Olivia's Peace of Mind LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne finds reassurance in having a security guard accompany her on her journeys.

5: Navigating Fame and Security Olivia Dunne discusses the importance of balancing her rising fame with increased security measures.

6: Personal Safety: A Top Priority Learn why Olivia Dunne chooses to prioritize personal safety by having a security guard by her side.

7: Striking a Balance Olivia Dunne shares how she manages to strike a balance between enjoying her gymnastics success and maintaining her safety.

8: Empowering Control over Safety By traveling with a security guard, Olivia Dunne takes control and empowers herself against potential hazards.

9: Olivia Dunne's Journey: Safety & Success LSU's Olivia Dunne embarks on a journey to excel in gymnastics while ensuring her safety with a dedicated security guard. Please note that within the limited word count, the details may be condensed, and it may be wise to expand the content when possible to provide the audience with a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.