1: Title: Ignite Abs & Glutes with Ball Exercises Boost your core and glute strength with this dynamic stability ball workout. Targeting abs & glutes, forget Russian twists and try these effective exercises.

2: Title: Ball Pike for Abs & Glutes Engage your abs and glutes with the Ball Pike exercise. Lift your hips while keeping your core activated. Feel the burn as you strengthen and tone these vital muscle groups.

3: Title: Stability Ball Squats Stability ball squats are a fantastic way to fire up your glutes. Maintain balance and stability as you lower your body into a deep squat. Sculpt your booty without forgetting about your core.

4: Title: Plank with a Twist Enhance abs and glutes with the Plank with a Twist. Place your feet atop the stability ball while in a plank position. Rotate your hips, engaging your abs, for an intensified workout.

5: Title: Bridge on the Ball Get ready to work your glutes and abs with the Bridge on the Ball. Lie on your back, placing your feet on the stability ball. Lift your hips, squeezing your glutes as you hold the bridge position.

6: Title: Seated Ball Squeeze Activate your glutes and inner thighs with the Seated Ball Squeeze. Place the stability ball between your knees and apply pressure while squeezing your glutes. Feel the muscles working.

7: Title: Ball Rollout for Abs Build strong abs with the Ball Rollout exercise. Begin on your knees, hands on the stability ball. Roll the ball forward, engaging your core as you extend your body. Strengthen and tone your abs.

8: Title: Russian Twist Alternative Say goodbye to Russian twists and try an alternative exercise. Use the stability ball to challenge your abs and glutes while seated. Rotate your torso from side to side, feeling the burn.

9: Title: Total Abs and Glutes Burn Experience a total burn for your abs and glutes. Incorporate these stability ball exercises into your routine. Strengthen your core, sculpt your glutes, and achieve a toned and powerful physique.