1: 1. Thor: God of Thunder journeys across realms, protecting Asgard from all threats. Witness the power-packed adventure in Thor's own spinoff!

2: 2. Loki: Mischievous and cunning, Loki captivates with his unpredictable charm and tricks. Dive into his extravagant spinoff now!

3: 3. Valkyrie: Fearless warrior and leader, Valkyrie soars high in her solo spinoff, showcasing her strength and protecting the Nine Realms.

4: 4. Lady Sif: Fierce and loyal, Lady Sif's spinoff unveils her fascinating backstory and her unmatched combat skills. Prepare for epic battles!

5: 5. Heimdall: Guardian of the Bifrost, Heimdall's spinoff explores the realms, uncovering his powers and secrets in a visually stunning journey.

6: 6. Odin: Asgard's wise king, Odin's spinoff delves into his past, revealing his struggles, compassion, and the legacy he leaves behind.

7: 7. Hela: The Goddess of Death's spinoff takes us through her dark origins, displaying her terrifying powers and her desire for control.

8: 8. Warriors Three: Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun embark on thrilling adventures in their spinoff, showcasing their camaraderie and heroism.

9: 9. Beta Ray Bill: The Corbinite warrior's spinoff explores his cosmic battles, struggle to prove his worthiness, and his eventual transformation.