1: LSUs Olivia Dunne taking a break from slaying LSU gymnastics sensation, Olivia Dunne, steps away to conquer finals week.

2: Gearing up for finals, Dunne pauses on slaying Juggling academics and gymnastics, Olivia Dunne hits pause to conquer finals.

3: Olivia Dunne's slaying takes a backseat during finals LSU's star gymnast, Olivia Dunne, puts slaying on hold to focus on exams.

4: Finals week calls for Olivia Dunne's break from slaying LSU's gymnastics prodigy, Olivia Dunne, takes a step back to ace finals.

5: Olivia Dunne shifts focus from slaying to finals As finals week commences, LSU's gymnastics superstar, Olivia Dunne, redirects her attention.

6: Balancing exams and slaying, Dunne takes a break LSUs phenomenal gymnast, Olivia Dunne, takes a respite from slaying amidst finals.

7: Olivia Dunne prioritizes finals over slaying LSU's dynamic gymnast, Olivia Dunne, prioritizes academics during finals week.

8: Dunne's temporary break from slaying amid finals Amidst finals at LSU, Olivia Dunne momentarily steps away from her awe-inspiring performances.

9: Finals week interrupts Dunne's slaying journey LSU's remarkable gymnast, Olivia Dunne, adapts her focus from slaying to conquering exams. Note: While keeping the word count under 35 words per page, the title is excluded from the word count consideration.