1: Simone Biles, Cheerful and proud, Watches as her husband, Jonathan Owens, Triumphs over the Chiefs.

2: Unrivaled joy fills her, As Jonathan conquers, A fierce battle, Against the Chiefs, Bringing victory in his wake.

3: Simone's heart leaps, Witnessing Jonathan's prowess, Toppling the Chiefs, Heroic display, To honor his beloved bride.

4: Jonathan Owens, Chiefs vanquished, Simone's absolute delight, Overflowing with joy, In her husband's accomplishment.

5: As the game ends, Simone's elation crescendos, Jonathan's victory over the Chiefs, A glorious moment, Etched in their hearts forever.

6: Simone Biles, the radiant soul, Thrilled by Jonathan's heroic feat, Defeating the Chiefs, A shared triumph, Love's sweet victory.

7: With boundless pride, Simone revels in her spouse, Jonathan's conquering, Chiefs no match, For his formidable spirit.

8: Simone's love shines, Her husband's win, Against the Chiefs, A cherished memory, In their love-filled journey.