1: 1. Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter): After Suits, Macht continued his acting journey, appearing in various TV shows and films.

2: 2. Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross): Since the spinoff, Adams has taken on challenging roles in both TV and film, showcasing his versatile talent.

3: 3. Gina Torres (Jessica Pearson): Torres went on to star in her own spinoff series, Pearson, exploring Pearson's life after leaving her firm.

4: 4. Sarah Rafferty (Donna Paulsen): Rafferty has continued to shine in television, captivating audiences with her strong and empowering performances.

5: 5. Rick Hoffman (Louis Litt): After the spinoff, Hoffman landed new roles, proving his exceptional abilities to portray complex characters.

6: 6. Meghan Markle (Rachel Zane): Markle famously stepped into a new role in her life as a member of the British Royal Family.

7: 7. Dulé Hill (Alex Williams): Hill further showcased his talent in other television projects, embracing diverse characters with remarkable skill.

8: 8. Katherine Heigl (Samantha Wheeler): Heigl's successful portrayal of Samantha earned her critical acclaim, opening doors to exciting opportunities.

9: 9. Amanda Schull (Katrina Bennett): Schull made her mark across both TV and film, delighting audiences with her incredible talent and versatility.